For more enjoyment at work

New ways for a new world of work

With our consulting services and software solutions we contribute to a paradigm shift in the world of work. The focus is on honest, transparent and appreciative attitude as well as employer and employees are talking and acting at eye level - for more enjoyment at work.

Consulting Services

Together with executives we work on their personal development, professional reorientation or the implementation of transformation processes - who does not know the goal, will not find the way.

Executive Transition

Personal Change

"Most consultants look at a professional development and see a career - we see a career and discover the man."

Career changes - self-selected or predetermined - can be perceived as an opportunity or backlash. In both cases, the previous situation is abandoned and a new way has to be taken. Making a success out of change can only succeed with well-founded decisions.

Executive Leadership

Organisational Change

"Most consultants look at a key data and targets - we add people to success."

Operational transformation processes always require comprehensive and specific knowledge to achieve committed goals. This knowledge is without exception available in every company. The targeted retrieval of these knowledge will lead to a successful and sustainable achievement of goals.

Software Solutions

With our software solutions we offer transfer platforms on which employees find an easy path from work to work, companies a new way of recruiting and HR manager can promote their high potentials - only those who know people can inspiere them.

Smart Transition

Intelligent Workforce Planning

"Genuine social responsibility."

Companies in transformation succeed in this if the workforce planning smoothly implements the desired change. Our transfer platform accompanies employees on their way from work to work and offers them suitable employment prospects. Employees are made available to the labour market without notice and found there by hiring companies.

More information can be found on the website of our business unit Smart Transition:

Personnel Transition

Limitless Personnel Development

"Real prospects for top performers."

Organisations are constantly changing. This dynamic requires that positions be staffed optimally - or to act constructively when this is not the case. A regional association of companies offers the opportunity to staff vacancies with employer-recommended candidates and to meet the career aspiratons of their employees.

As a member of the Diversity Charta, we are committed to promote honesty and respect in the world of work as well as the appreciation of the individual and support diversity, equal opportunities and gender neutrality, especially through our software solutions.